Set new employees up for success

  • Engage your new hires and set them up for success by delivering personalized step-by-step onboarding directions from the moment they sign their offer.
  • Complete paperwork digitally, easily upload employment documents, and take care of new-hire formalities simply and securely.
  • Employee engagement is a key tool for higher employee retention.  Utilize feedback tools like surveys to hear directly from your new hires. 

Foster connections throughout your  organization

  • Share a branded and personalized welcome experience and immersion into the company culture. 
  • Connect new employees with their colleagues before they even start so they can engage and feel welcomed into their teams.
  • Deliver important and easily accessible guidance and training on tools, processes and policies.

Deliver seamless, automated onboarding experiences

  • Streamline automated processes for new hires based on the needs of each team, employment type and location. 
  • Free up HR to focus on the employee onboarding experience.
  • Monitor progress real-time and intervene where needed.
  • Enjoy the mobile friendly experience so you can connect  with your team from anywhere.
Companies with a structured onboarding process have retention rates as high as 50 percent.

Harvard Business Review


Onboarding: the four keys to success

Effective onboarding is the chance for your company to create a fantastic first impression. Here are four keys to success whether your workplace is remote, hybrid, or on-site.

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