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Zapier Integration Helps Financial Services Company Raise Employee Satisfaction

In our last post, we shared the story of an Inquisiq client who recently experienced a 12,000% return on investment after they connected their LMS with their CRM. If that sounds unachievable, it’s not.

In their case, they were addressing the “did you complete something?” scenario, which helped ensure the right employees were receiving the right training on the right high-tech sensors, and ultimately, providing tech support to the right customers who are using those devices.

This case study was highlighted in a recent webinar on the value of connecting your LMS with your other core business systems. In the webinar, Mac Mirchandani, the VP of Product Management for Acendre, explained that the problems these integrations solve fall into one of two categories:

  1.     Did you complete something?
  2.     What should you learn?

In this blog, we’re providing a case study that addresses, the “what should you learn” scenario.

Case Study: What should you be learning?

In the webinar, Mac shared the story of an Inquisiq client in the financial services industry, a sector known for being highly regulated and compliance driven.

As new employees were onboarded, they were asked to complete the same, universal set of courses within their first 30 days. However, there were mismatches between employees and the learning content, which required the manual manipulation of data and reporting to provide exceptions.

The company estimated they were spending 5-7 hours a week to resolve data and enrollment issues at a cost of $20,000. Even more significant, they saw a priceless opportunity to raise employee satisfaction by sharing relevant content to new hires during their onboarding period.

This problem was solved when the company integrated their Breezy HR system with Inquisiq using Zapier. Now, the recruiting system sends a notice of a new hire to Breezy which in turn sends data on the new employee to Inquisiq so a unique set of enrollments can be created. From there, Inquisiq creates a new learner record and auto-enrolls the new learner in relevant courses and tracks their completion progress.

The time and cost to implement and test this integration took a few hours was about $500, and this organization estimated the ROI at 4,000%.

 The bottom line

“There is tremendous ROI from some of these experiences and opportunities that I think are important to pay attention to,” says Mac. “These solutions can seem really simplistic, but when you think about how frequently this data is being exchanged and how much time your teams are actually spending interacting with it, these simple cases can actually yield a ton of savings.”

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