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Our Clients

Alaska Department of Education
Teen Lifeline
City of Baltimore
Advantage Resourcing
Camp Eagle
Child Abuse
Lean Forward

Feature-Rich eLearning Technology

All the features and functionality you need (and want) in a mighty, easy-to-use and easy-to-manage package.

Configurable Interface

A mobile-friendly, skinnable, and multilingual interface enables custom user experiences.

SCORM Compatibility

Enables easy interoperability with all learning content authoring tools and third-party course libraries.

Blended Learning

eLearning, instructor-led and on-the-job training can be administered through one platform.

Social Learning

User communities, messaging center, walls and feeds can be enabled to facilitate spontaneous communication.

Learning Automation

Course enrollments, group access, report generation, and permission management are out-of-the-box automations.


Integrated shopping cart, payment gateways, public course catalogs, discount code creation and distribution are standard functionality.

Inquisiq Solves These Training Challenges

Corporate Training

Organizations with corporate training requirements often face unique challenges related to courseware and learners, including detailed reporting, certifications, and managing a range of instructional solutions. Inquisiq’s robust functionality, designed by trusted eLearning experts, goes beyond the typical LMS and is specifically designed to meet these challenges.

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Training Providers

Training providers face a unique set of challenges when the time comes to advertise and coordinate online sales of their courses. That’s why we have designed Inquisiq’s robust feature-set specifically to help overcome these obstacles and simplify the sales process for training providers.

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What Our Clients Say

“We were looking for a cost-effective, scalable LMS to upload thousands of users from over 100 locations with various levels of a matrix organizational structure. Inquisiq was that solution.”

Chris ThomasManager of Training at UNO Restaurants

“Inquisiq has been a big part of us being able to deliver content and grow our business by being able to import a lot of the SIS information into one platform. It’s our training platform, its our student information platform, and it does all these things even with a little front-facing webstore as well.”

Alberto L. Construction Education and Safety Company


“Their support is second to none, and I can count on getting questions answered or problems solved quickly and efficiently. I would immediately recommend Inquisiq to anyone considering setting up an LMS in the hosted environment.”

Andy KayInstructional Media Developer at Convergent Performance

“This LMS has all the features and adaptability to accommodate our unique needs as if it were designed for our company. It is easy to add new users, deactivate users that are no longer relevant, and assign courses. Capability to upload our own content or use material from a third party vendor. Reporting is simple, but has all the reporting options that we could ever need. The price point and adaptability to our needs is a phenomenal value.”

Jeremy H. HR at a Financial Services Company

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Inquisiq — The Next Generation of Acendre’s Award-Winning LMS Heritage

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