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Increasing Your Impact Through Inquisiq’s Integration with Zapier

The more your learning systems connect to your organization’s other business systems, the more impactful they become.

Our Inquisiq LMS can connect to other software and applications in multiple ways. Lately we’ve been focusing on our newest—and in many ways easiest to integrate—solution, the Zapier no-code integration platform.

Zapier has been spotlighted in recent blogs about a high-tech manufacturing company that saw a 12,000% return on investment when it redesigned its system for certification updates after technicians completed their training and a financial services company that raised employee satisfaction by integrating their HR system with Inquisiq using Zapier.

These examples highlight two broad categories of integrations with Inquisiq:

  1. Did you complete something? These take the form of messages sent from Inquisiq to another system when a learner completes an assignment so that the other system can perform some action.
  2. What should you learn? The Inquisiq enrollment rules engine can auto-enroll users into different courseware based on specific information.

In a recent webinar on integrated learning management, Shannon Engel, Acendre’s Director of Business Development, and Account Executive Heather Zauner shared additional examples, including a company that needs to reliably schedule technicians who were trained to work on certain high-tech sensor technology and an association that provides continuing education credits to its members but needs to ensure they’ve done the self-paced pieces before they attend in person.

A common theme among these and other integration examples is Zapier’s ability to automatically direct another system to do something based on a trigger or action from the Inquisiq LMS. Using Zapier to synchronize data between systems saves time and money—without the need for complex coding.

Integration with Zapier

The integration process is simple and straightforward. After creating a free Zapier account and moving through other basic configuration steps, users are able to create a “Zap” or automated workflow that connects your apps and services together.

Each Zap consists of a trigger and one or more actions. Triggers are events that prompt Zapier to tell another application to perform an action. In the Inquisiq LMS, triggers include the creation of a new user or course, creation or completion of a course enrollment, and creation or completion of a learning path.

Actions happen within the Inquisiq LMS based on a trigger from Zapier—things such as creating a new user or a new course enrollment, retrieving a user by ID or username, and retrieving a course by name.

Once you have the basics of creating Zaps down, you can customize them and take other advanced steps depending on the capabilities and needs of your business systems.

The bottom line

The average HR department uses 90 cloud services to perform its work. The average finance and accounting department uses 60. This is why integration is top of mind for many companies—imagine what can be achieved in terms of increased employee performance and business operations when an elearning system connects with those services.

Inquisiq LMS integrates with more than 4,000 platforms, providing efficiency on tasks that can easily be automated and real-time insights about users to inform your company’s decision-making.

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