How Manufacturer AWC Improved Quality using Inquisiq for Training

How Manufacturer AWC Improved Quality using Inquisiq for Training

AWC needed a way to ensure skills and knowledge for each position in their manufacturing process could be understood, taught, assessed, tracked, and documented. Inquisiq helped them do just that.

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Accuracy is critical when casting automotive, transmission, and structural components. When castings manufacturer Ahresty Wilmington Corporation (AWC) wanted to increase production accuracy, they realized that the quality of their employee training program was a pivotal lever to help them do so. Improving their training program also helped them satisfy requirements of the ISO/TS-16949 Certification.

AWC Objectives:

• Develop a detailed understanding of the skills required for each position within their manufacturing processes.
• Develop and deliver a training program that teaches and assesses required knowledge and skills for each position
• Maintain accurate records of all employee training, skills and experience.
• Provide the ability to easily analyze and report on all training activities and records.


• Previously, all AWC training programs were administered and tracked manually. Results were inconsistent and varied greatly with no controls for ensuring compliance.
• AWC had limited training resources and needed to create a scalable training effort, increase the level and accuracy of the tracking, and decrease the man-power required.


A skills matrix was created for each role that included knowledge areas “Skill Blocks” and expected progression of experience over time. “Check Points” conducted as on-the-job training evaluation events allowed mentors to assess and measure employees’ knowledge.

With 800+ employees participating in the training plan, including team leaders and supervisors performing the evaluations, AWC needed the process to be simple for all participants. They needed automation.

Enter Inquisiq. Using the Inquisiq Learning Management System (LMS), AWC set up their training program to automate scheduling, assessments, tracking and reporting. They even integrated the LMS with their payroll system ADP so that employee profile information synched with training data.

Employees are automatically enrolled in the correct Skill Block for their job using Inquisq’s advanced enrollment rules. When an employee’s Skill Block Check Point is due, the LMS initiates the workflow to trigger an on-the-job training event, the assessment for which is documented as online assessment. These evaluations can even be completed on the factory floor using smart phones or tablets. Results become part of the employee’s overall training record, which is fully tracked and included in reports. In the event that an assessment is not conducted and documented, automatic notifications are sent and exceptions flagged and reported.


With the Inquisiq LMS, AWC converted a manual, cumbersome process into a streamlined and automated workflow. One that fully supports the training goals of the organization and provides employees the resources needed to do their jobs more effectively. Supervisors now quickly and easily manage accurate employee progress reports and employees enjoy a single, digital system for accessing job training.

With this company-wide quality improvement initiative, AWC achieved their ISO/TS-16949 certification.

Plans are underway to use Inquisiq to deliver other crucial training initiatives like new employee onboarding and succession training.


Ahresty Wilmington Corporation (AWC)

Located in Wilmington Ohio, AWC specializes in aluminum die cast production for engines, transmissions, and structural components. Their integrated production system incorporates assembly operations using just-in-time production methods.

AWC’s quality policy and process certifications include ISO-9001, ISO-14001, and TS 16949. Their expertise is highly valued by their automotive customers in the United States who have recognized the company with several Quality, Delivery and Productivity improvement awards.

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