Case Study: Customer Service Training

Case Study: Customer Service Training

Nothing Drives Customer Satisfaction Like A Well-Trained Support Team

Your success is centered on delighting your customers. Your customer service teams are critical for ensuring that expectations for your products and services are consistently met. Whether recommending a cardigan to a customer or chatting online with a new B2B software product user, your reps need to deliver on your brand promise without fail.

The next-generation Learning Management System (LMS) from the award-winning ICS Learning Group, Inquisiq drives organizational performance via a simply beautiful learning experience for learners, their managers and learning administrators – from the classroom to the desktop to the smartphone.

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Naturally Mobile

When it comes to customer service, (response) time is of the essence. The quicker and more informed the response to a customer inquiry is, the greater the chance of your keeping them. Especially when the customer has a technical issue that is in between them and successfully placing an order or using your software product. Inquisiq was designed with this in mind. The system provides all roles with an app-free, mobile-responsive user experience that naturally extends the reach of your new customer service training programs.

Intelligently Automated

Call center managers and support reps have a lot going on – and that’s an understatement. Adding a training curriculum to the mix can increase the volume of noise they have to deal with, day-in and day-out, negatively impacting customer satisfaction ratings. Automation rules for learner cohort creation; course and course path assignment; deadline reminders; progress notifications and scheduled reporting let Inquisiq handle (and scale) the mundane activities, letting your learners, managers and administrators focus on what matters most.

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Inquisiq General Brochure

Simply Beautiful

Customer service and technical support professionals are tough customers when it comes to software, especially when the products they support are technology-based. Since they know better, they have little patience for a poorly designed user experience or dated user interfaces in the tools they use to get work done. Inquisiq uses a contemporary interface design to ensure that your audience has a learning experience on par with their favorite apps – professional or personal.

Driving Member Satisfaction Through White Glove Customer Care

Professional membership organization supporting those who develop the knowledge and skills of employees in organizations around the world. The Organization offers its membership of over 10,000 professionals trusted expertise in the form of research, publications, events and educational programs. The Organization has 150 full-time employees, plus part-time volunteer staff.

The Challenge | The Solution

As the old quip goes, “just because we’re not-for-profit doesn’t mean we’re not for revenue.” Founded over 50 years ago, the Organization remains steadily focused on supporting its mission and members through paid membership and for-fee research, publications, events and educational programs – for members and non-members alike.

As a trusted content publisher in today’s on-demand media age, the Organization recently increased its customer support team and decided to implement a customer care training program. The program was designed to increase member and non-member satisfaction with its offerings, drive member renewals and increase overall revenue. To achieve these goals, the program comprised a mix of product education, sales training (for product and service upselling) and effective communication skills.

Since customer support staff typically spends the majority of their workday manning the helpdesk via telephone, email or chat, the Organization turned to an e-learning delivery model for their customer service training program.

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The Benefits

  • Custom-branded training portal maintained the Organization’s brand identity (logo, graphics, fonts and colors) and provided their employees with a consistent user experience
  • Custom and Off-the-Shelf (OTS) courseware – all of them interactive, engaging and high-yield modules – enabled customer support staff to maximize learning time without disrupting their hectic schedules
  • E-learning approach enabled the Organization to effectively train both new hires and existing support staff and create a culture of consistency and excellence
  • Online assessments and e-reference materials drove measurable learning outcomes and on-the-job reinforcement
  • Single point of access via the LMS to all custom and OTS courses available in the curriculum – as well as supporting e-reference materials and online assessments – increased training utilization, completion and the successful application of key concepts and best practices in the call center

Key Inquisiq Features

  • Mobile-responsive user experience, accessible via any Internet-connected device – from the break room to the beyond
  • Online registration and enrollment automation – including learner enrollment notification and completion reminders
  • Wizard-based upload utility for SCORM-compliant training and assessment content from third-party courses
  • End-to-end management of custom and OTS e-learning courses, assessments and e-reference materials via a single online platform
  • Customized, printable online certificate delivery upon customer care training completion
  • Tracking, reporting and automated report distribution across the enterprise – for training managers, business managers and leadership
  • Contemporary, intuitive user interfaces for rapid adoption and decreased time-to-utilization

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